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Understanding complex ground conditions and the management of geotechnical risk is one of the key drivers in our business.

The Geotechnical team provide authoritative advice and design solutions in all aspects of soil engineering.

Ground conditions are a source of risk on any project in terms of potential structural failure, programme delays, financial loss, damage to property etc. Through consultation from an early stage in a project we can gain an understanding of the site conditions and manage the ground risks to achieve best value for our clients.

Our engineers are at the forefront of utilising innovative techniques to offer sustainable cost effective solutions to complex and difficult ground conditions. We have designed some of the largest reinforced soil structures in the UK and supply a delegate member to the British Standards Institution B/526/04 Strengthened/reinforced soils Committee.

Our success is based on our innovative approach, underpinned by the knowledge and experience of our staff, and the ability to provide integrated, appropriate solutions to meet our clients’ needs. The latest geotechnical software is utilised to undertake detailed analysis of the ground and its reaction to loading and unloading.

The Geotechnical capability of the firm is wide ranging and a selection of the services we frequently undertake are listed as follows:

  • Site Appraisals
  • Desk Studies
  • Report Reviews
  • Geological assessments and interpretation
  • Geotechnical risk assessments
  • Geotechnical hazard mapping
  • Tender advice and reports
  • Planning, design, procurement and control of ground investigations
  • Geotechnical interpretative reports
  • Specification and scheduling of geotechnical and chemical laboratory tests
  • Investigation of failures and advice on remedial measures
  • Investigation and treatment of mine workings
  • Water leakage investigations
  • Foundation selection and design
  • Piling design
  • Ground improvement selection, design and specification
  • Analysis, design and specification of earth retaining structures
  • Earthworks design, specification, control and supervision
  • Reinforced earth and soil nailing design
  • Use of Lightweight aggregates
  • Use of recycled materials

Geotechnical Projects