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Temporary Works

Simple hoardings to complex bridge design - our temporary works division can assist contractors in delivering safe economic solutions.

Recognition of the impact that temporary works can have on a project has never been higher within the construction industry, with temporary works increasingly being recognised as one of the most critical functions of any construction project. Contractors are also becoming increasingly aware of the beneficial role that an experienced temporary works design organisation can play in producing economic, timely, efficient, innovative and safe designs.

The benefits of identifying the temporary works requirements of a project in advance, and in many cases integrating them into the permanent works, has resulted in many contractors seeking out experienced temporary works designers from the outset of a project. PaSCoE are members of the Temporary Works Forum and are active within the industry in promoting the benefits of suitable and safe temporary works designs, regularly providing assistance to HSE and industry led safety initiatives.

Our experienced temporary works engineers are able to provide advice, design, and/or checking services for a range of temporary works. Utilising our extensive temporary works, civil, structural and geotechnical expertise we can provide advice on the most challenging of problems, either in isolation or as part of the wider project. 

The Temporary Works capability of the firm is wide ranging and a selection of the services we frequently undertake are listed as follows:

  • Site Appraisals and Surveys
  • Network Rail Form C
  • Network Rail Form 003
  • Cat 3 Checking Services
  • Excavation, Propping and Shoring Design
  • Cofferdams and Shafts
  • Hydraulics, Pipeline and Open Channel Design
  • Façade Retention, Needling and Masonry Restraint
  • Tower Crane Base Design
  • Crane Outrigger and Bearing Capacity Analysis
  • Piling and Underpinning
  • Sheet Pile and King Post Retaining Walls
  • Slope Stability Analysis
  • Settlement and Deformation Analysis
  • Formwork Detailing
  • Concrete Pressure and allowable Rate of Rise analysis
  • Bridge Parapet Cantilever Formwork
  • Steel Bridges and Abutments
  • Working Platforms and Piling Platforms
  • Structural Analysis
  • Scaffold Design
  • Fencing, Hoarding and Signage


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Temporary Works Projects

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