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Earth Structures

PaSCoE’s earth structures specialists provide innovative cost effective solutions to meet the most challenging requirements including the re-use of on-site fill materials.

A retaining wall is a structure designed and constructed to resist the lateral pressures from soil and surcharges when there is a desired change in ground profile that exceeds the strength of the soil. In its simplest form a retaining wall is constructed from a block of concrete or masonry whose mass is sufficient to retain the soils.

Alternative forms of earth structure are gabion walls, crib walls, sheet pile walls, anchored walls, king post walls, reinforced soil walls, and reinforced soil steep slopes.

The UK earth retaining structure market has in excess of 50 different types of retaining system which are unique in design and construction. Unit costs and site suitability vary from system to system therefore selecting the most technically appropriate and cost-effective system is often critical to a projects cost and programme.

PaSCoE’s engineers have extensive expertise in selecting the most appropriate retaining wall type for the given site and budget constraints within the infrastructure, commercial, industrial, and housing markets. Our engineers are at the forefront of utilising innovative techniques to offer sustainable cost effective solutions to complex and difficult ground conditions, often re-using the site available fill materials within the wall construction, achieving both cost and environmental benefits. We have designed some of the largest reinforced soil structures in the UK and have a delegate member of British Standards Institution B/526/04 Committee dealing with the design of reinforced soil and soil nailed structures.

The experience of the company is wide ranging and a selection of the services we undertake are listed as follows:

  • Site Appraisals and surveys
  • Geotechnical risk assessments
  • Tender advice and reports
  • Planning, design, procurement and control of ground investigations
  • Geotechnical interpretative reports
  • Investigation of failures and advice on remedial measures
  • Ground improvement selection, design and specification
  • Earthworks design, specification, control and supervision
  • Use of recycled materials
  • Settlement analysis
  • Geosynthetic selection, design and specification
  • Cutting/slope stability assessment and design
  • Reinforced soil wall and steep slope design
  • Reinforced earth wall design
  • Gabion wall design
  • Crib wall design
  • King Post Wall design
  • Grundomat Wall design
  • Bored Pile Wall design
  • Sheet Pile Wall design
  • Soil Nail design

Earth Structures Projects