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2017 James Rennie Medal –

Following on from Henry passing the Institution of Civil Engineer’s Chartered Professional Review earlier this year, the ICE have now informed Henry that he has been nominated by his reviewers for the 2017 James Rennie Medal.

The medal recognises and celebrates the best performance by a newly-qualified Chartered member at a Professional Review during a calendar year.

This is a great achievement and we are all proud of Henry’s achievements.

Who was James Rennie?
James Rennie was a well-known civil engineer. He passionately believed that to work in civil engineering you need in-depth and thorough training. This is not only in design, but also in programming and planning construction work.

Rennie spent most of his 70-year career carefully tutoring his pupils to make them great civil engineers. Former ICE President Douglas Oakervee was one of these pupils.

After his death in 1994, ICE created the James Rennie medal. It celebrates Rennie’s commitment to training young engineers and encouraging them to become ICE members.

What is the James Rennie Medal?
The James Rennie Medal promotes the achievements of newly qualified chartered civil engineers. The competition was first held in 1996 and is won by the best Chartered Professional Review candidate.

Professional reviewers nominate candidates who show outstanding qualities in their review and really promote developments in civil engineering. Their project reports and presentations also need to show they thoroughly understand engineering design and construction principles.

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