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News » Thames Water Utilities Impact Assessment

The £6bn Thameslink Programme has now entered its second phase of project delivery. This monumental scheme, driven forward by the rapidly expanding demand for rail services, is focused on transforming the Thameslink transport artery into a more accessible link through the heart of London.

In order to deliver these modifications, critical planning is needed to adapt and work closely with the capital city in full flow. Not only is careful consideration needed to minimise the impact on businesses, commuters and the general public but also how the proposed works will affect static assets that provide vital services to the city.

One of these invaluable assets are the services owned by Thames Water, with utilities criss-crossing London and in particular the Thameslink rail corridor. The potential cost and programme implications of damage to either the sewerage systems or water mains network as a result of planned works means that careful control is required whenever construction works take place in the vicinity of an asset.

Balfour Beatty Rail recognised this risk early in the project and employed PaSCoE to assist with the provision of construction impact assessments such that the risks could be managed at site level.

To date we have undertaken a number of asset impact assessments which all require use of traditional and modern analysis techniques to accurately determine the forces and stresses imposed on the buried services allowing the effects to be fully quantified. This rigorous analysis has provided the asset owner with the confidence to allow works to proceed above assets with minimal delay and minimal additional works.

At PaSCoE we work closely with all stakeholders to ensure all risks are dealt with at the planning stage in a practical way so that site operations progress smoothly.


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