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News » New Temporary Works Guidance Documents

Two new temporary works guidance documents have been published by BSI and are currently open for public comment until 16 July 2015.

Guide to the Application of European Standards in Temporary Works Design

PAS 8812 gives guidance on the application of European Standards in the design of temporary works in the UK.

It covers:

a) Interpretation of key design approaches applicable to all temporary works including:

1) Relationship between Eurocodes and the temporary works suite of European Standards;

2) Recommendations on suitable partial factors and combinations of actions;

3) Recommendations on appropriate analysis approach;

4) Stability considerations;

5) Considerations on reuse of equipment;

b) Clarification of design requirements for identified groups of temporary works.

It is designed to facilitate consistency in the design approach to temporary works and remove the uncertainties for temporary works designers. Where appropriate it highlights issues that should be taken into account by the temporary works designer when selecting the most appropriate standards to adopt, in relation to the effective and efficient transfer of key design data and information across all phases of the design cycle. It is intended for the use of practitioners in the field of structural and geotechnical design of temporary works and provides non contradictory complementary information (NCCI) with respect to existing standards and other relevant guidance documents.

The draft document can be downloaded from the BSI website:



Code of Practice for Temporary Works – Clients Procedures

PAS 8811 gives recommendations on client procedures for temporary works.

It covers processes, roles, responsibilities and competences, and provides example pro forma documentation.

The aim of the document is to establish a unified approach to client involvement in temporary works across all stages (e.g. defining requirements, procurement, installation, use and removal of temporary works structures) and eliminate unnecessary procedures and conflicts in order to achieve clarity and minimise delays during compliance and approvals processes and other necessary procedures with respect to temporary works.

It is designed to complement BS 5975, Code of practice for temporary works and permissible design of falsework, with the same aim of controlling risk and ensuring adequate procedures and concentrates on client activities which are not covered by BS 5975.

It is applicable to all clients sponsoring projects of all sizes with significant temporary works, and supports the requirements of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015) in respect of client duties and of industry initiatives to promote improved working practices.

The draft document can be downloaded from the BSI website:



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