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News » Cardiff Station Clock Cupola Repairs

Between 1931 and 1934 Cardiff Central station underwent a major rebuild, designed by the GWR’s Architects department under their chief Architect Percy Emerson Culverhouse. The centrepiece is an Art Deco entrance building faced in Portland stone, containing a booking hall and concourse topped by a clock cupola.

The Clock Cupola has fallen into disrepair and Centregreat Rail were appointed by Network Rail to undertakes repairs and refurbishment.

Working closely with Centregreat Rail, PaSCoE designed an encapsulated saddle scaffold to facilitate the clock refurbishment with an access tower and stairs from ground level. The additional scaffold weight on the existing art deco roof structure was of particular concern and the capacity and ability to support the weight and additional wind loads was verified by PaSCoE.

The scaffold was erected in January 2019 and is due to be taken down shortly, during this time the scaffold has been subject to high winds from storm Erik & Freya.




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